Fire Rated Glass

We Supply and Install Fire Rated Glass

We specialise in the supply and installation of 30-minute and 60-minute fire rated glass. All of our fire-rated glass products are lab tested and certified to the relevant European standards. Our fire rated glass can be supplied as framed or frameless with a choice of door options from glass in an aluminium frame, to timber in a timber frame. We can provide up to 48dB acoustic sound performance.

Fire Rated Glass Doors

We provide a full range of fire rated glass doors including frameless glass doors, framed glass doors and timber doors. We provide high quality, cost-effective fire rated glass doors for a variety of applications.

Fire Rated Systems

We offer a variety of different fire rated systems that comply with the relevant standards that you may be required to adhere to. We can achieve both full thermal insulation as well as basic integrity performance that suits your company’s needs. Our fire rated system forms a resilient barrier to flames, hot gases and smoke and effectively blocks heat transfer to the protected, safe side of the screen.

Key Features

  • Our fire rated system provides 1-hour resistance in both solid and glazed modules
  • Systems provide up to 48dB acoustic sound performance
  • Verified and approved in laboratories
  • Designed for use in escape routes and emergency exits

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